About the WÜSTHOF


WÜSTHOF has a long tradition of environmental awareness. The interplay between economy and ecology guarantees the success andtherefore future of our business. First and foremost it is about having asustainable way of thinking and working. That's why we've built a centralenvironmental management department to manage all of the relevant processeswithin our company.

The WÜSTHOF production facilities inSolingen are amongst the most modern in the world. Our production methods arecontinually optimized to increase our energy efficiency and use of rawmaterials, as well as limit wastewater contamination and reduce emissions ofCO² and other gases. 

The vast quantities of air and waterused in production leave the plant completely uncontaminated thanks to anextensive filter system. Plus, we are currently concentrating on recoveringheat from the production process and reducing noise emissions. Our commitmentto sustainability is constantly being pushed further and further each day.

WÜSTHOF is recognized worldwide as aspecialist in outstanding knives. While we are immensely proud of thisreputation, we are also proud to produce our knives responsibly.